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Over The Wall - 'Treacherous' (Re-print)
Over The Wall - Treacherous (2nd Edition)
CD Album
Incorporating DIY elements, the debut album from Glasgow's failed-pop duo, Over The Wall cements the band’s sound while managing to defy the notions of fragile folktronica which won them praise for their debut EP 'The Rise And Fall Of Over The Wall'. A track from that release, ‘Thurso’, features alongside ten original tracks.

As catchy as can be, and genuinely difficult to categorise, the album engenders instant smiles and a desire to toe tap, but perhaps most importantly,  answers that age old question: what exactly are ‘bacon chips’?
'Treacherous' builds on Prentice and Hillman’s preferred lyrical themes of quarter-life crisis anxiety, relationships, friends and family, social awkwardness and coming to terms with one's place in the world whether politically or personally.

1. Shifts
2. Settle Down
3. Guts
4. A History Of British Welfarism 1945 - 1984
5. The Crucible
6. Two Nightmares
7. Don't Listen To Them Son
8. Istanbul
9. Stages
10. Angela
11. Thurso

Artwork/packaging designed by Wallzo